The Hardware Review: AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair

Feb 25, 2016

And The Good...

Back To The Good

I’m a big fan of lumbar support and the adjustable cushion on the AK Racing Premium V2 works well. It’s comfortable to lean against, softly padded but offering the support you need. The elasticated straps with clips do a reasonably good job of allowing you to accurately position the support where you want it. You squeeze them through the between the base of the chair and the back of the bottom section, and the gap around the neck on the top to connect them at the back. It remains to be seen how long the elastic in the straps holds, but at the moment it’s in place nicely and you can slide the cushion up or down without difficulty.

There is also a small neck/head support cushion, also with an elasticated strap which goes around the top narrow section of the chair. It’s also nicely soft and supportive and feels great to me at the top of the neck area.

With cushions and without

As someone who in the past has moaned about some sports cars being too small for me and feels a bit claustrophobic in standard sized Recaro sports seats, I’m also pleased to say that there was again no such problem here. Even with the lumbar support removed and my back slotted into the chair between the jutting sides, the basic comfort of the chair was still there and I didn’t feel squeezed in between the sides. It’s obviously more fitted than a standard flattish car seat, but it’s broad enough that the jutting supports on the sides of the back and the base area aren’t an intrusion.

For those into modding, there are two screws underneath each armrest at the front and back, additionally there are two further (quite thick) screws at the base of the armrest and another four thick screws to attach the armrest into the seat of the chair. What this means to me is that I could conceivably mod this chair to attach some plates onto the front of the armrests or bring a central one up between the legs.

Possible mod mounting points…

“But Adrian, why would you contemplate such crazy things?!?!” I hear you ask. Well, personally I’d consider it to attach the HOTAS (that’s Hands On Throttle And Stick), for example.

Adjustability is good. Armrests have about 7.5cm of vertical motion, base height goes from approx. 45cm to 54cm above the floor (to the top of the seat) and the back can lie almost flat.

Wrapping Up

For me, the AK Racing Premium V2 is in pole position. It’s comfortable and has a lot more flair than a standard office desk chair. If you’re a tall or broad person looking for a large, supportive and easily adjustable chair, I highly recommend it. At the price point (Amazon US $379.99Amazon UK £267.50, also of course available from the AK site itself linked in page 2), it provides considerable value in my opinion. Modders will also delight at the potential mounting points for their gear underneath the chair and in particular for taller/broader people, it’s an extremely comfortable chair. No, it’s not cheap, but at the same time it is significantly cheaper than many less comfortable alternatives. Chairs should last a long time.


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