The Hardware Review: AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair

Feb 25, 2016

The Bad...

What’s Bad?

All this isn’t to say that the chair is without faults. Let’s face it, nothing is perfect, but for me these are very minor compared to the overall strengths of the chair. So, the few things I’d mention to be aware of if you’re considering the AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair.

  1. As with most chairs which are not based on a mesh design, the chair can get slightly warm when sitting in it for extended sessions. Not uncomfortably so and the pleather does a reasonable job of dissipating heat, but it’s something to be aware of.
  2. The armrests, although adjustable in terms of height, lack the twist in/out capability that some desk chairs have to aid typing. That much said, this chair is aimed at gamers and for me when I use my Razer OrbWeaver Chroma and mouse to the left and right of my keyboard, the parallel arms work a treat.
  3. The chair is a big chair and I’d say it’s aimed at big people, depending on the setup. This isn’t a bad thing necessarily, but with the lumbar support and head cushions, several shorter/smaller people than I found it difficult to get comfortable with them. Without them, they were fine.
  4. The chair comes with wheels by default which is great, but I’m on a hardwood floor. They don’t roll so much that the slightest movement sends me flying across the room, but it would be nice if they shipped with some pads for those that don’t want wheeled feet.
  5. The Premium V2 has a base tilt mechanism, but you’ll spend quite a while screwing/unscrewing the attachment under the seat to adjust it. Luckily it’s got a hand grip so you don’t need tools, but it can still get tiring.

Realistically though, these are small things. Overall, there is little to find wrong with the chair and once you’ve got it set up to your liking, chances are you’ll be happy with it.

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