This review is for an AK Racing chair which has been provided to us by AKRacingEurope

Test rig for this chair: One human adult male. 6’3 (190cm), 16 Stone 5 (229 pounds, 103.8kg).


There are really two things we pay for in this world. The first is pretty easy, we pay for performance. Performance is of course generally measurable. We look at a 0-60mph time a car can do, how many frames per second we can get in our favorite games from a graphics card, how many discrete channels of sound our home cinema system is capable of putting out and how much distortion is created in the sound, which schools get best grades, which fund gives the best return. League tables exist for countless things so that people can understand relative performance.

However, it’s the second thing we pay for which becomes a bit more subjective, namely comfort.

Comfort. That one word says a lot. We pay a lot of money for comfort, relatively speaking. Generally more comfortable things are perceived as being better. So whether comfort for you is flying Singapore Airlines Suite class on an A380, a Herman Miller Aeron desk chair, a Bentley, The Garden Room at the Lanesborough, having your shirts pressed at the Imperial, a water bungalow in the Maldives or simply your old broken in pair of walking boots, it’s pretty likely that you value your comfort highly, regardless of whether it’s something expensive you can buy or something you’ve had for years that you’d hate to give up.

Maldives... Nice...

Many things today promise comfort. Some achieve it, some don’t. Given that we all come in a variety of shapes and sizes, as well as having different tastes and preferences, it’s perhaps unsurprising that this is the case. What’s comfortable for one person is not necessarily always going to be comfortable for another. Often we look at things in terms of performance, but today, we’re looking at a desk chair (specifically the AK Racing Premium V2 Gaming Chair) and to me, that’s about comfort.

I’m a fairly big guy, so do please keep that in mind when reading the review.


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