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Govee Flow Plus, Govee Flow Pro

Type LED lighting

Govee, manufacturer of indoor and outdoor vanity lighting and also smart home devices, sent me the Govee Flow Plus, a two-tower lighting kit, as well as the Govee Flow Pro, which offers the same as the Plus version with the exception of a camera for immersive entertainment, to try out and give my honest thoughts on both products.

And, I have to say, I really enjoyed both products greatly.

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First, let me explain the products in a little more detail.

The Govee Flow Plus and the Govee Flow Pro offer an accent lighting solution to any home. The products' greatest feature is accenting around a display, such as a television or a computer monitor. The Govee Flow Plus is the more basic version of the two, but do not misunderstand that statement. There is a lot going on under the hood that meets the eye.

The Govee Flow Plus and Pro have six individual light sections on both towers, allowing for color customizations totaling 12 different combinations and offering millions of different designs as the user sees fit. The Govee Flow Plus comes with two light towers, a countertop stand for both, an adhesive grip for both towers for allowing them to be attached to the back of a display or wall, and a control box with a Bluetooth receiver so that you can connect to a smartphone or smart device for control over the lights. The Govee Home App (Android and iPhone available devices) connects the user and allows for ultimate control. With the Govee Flow Pro, there is an added two-megapixel camera that adheres to the top of a display (above or below) and is compatible with any flat screen display above 24".

Setup was easy for both. I chose to attach the two towers to the countertop stands and turned them towards the wall to allow for the light to accentuate the environment properly. I chose to utilize the Govee Flow Pro for my larger television (a 32" display) and the Govee Flow Plus to a smaller 24" display. After downloading the app, I went into the settings and connected both lights. The phone app was amazing for what it allowed the user to control. With the Govee Flow Plus, you are allowed Music, Color, Scene, and DIY modes, and the Pro version adds an additional mode for the camera to immerse the user through the use of the camera.

The camera does not look directly at the screen, but across it, depending on if you have it below or above the display. This is where the best feature of the lights comes in. The Govee Home App brings users into whatever situation you can think of using them for. While I was playing on my Nintendo Switch, I turned on the camera, and selected Video mode. From there, you have the choice of either Full-Screen immersion or Split Screen immersion. I tried both modes, and I personally felt that the Full-Screen mode reacted cleaner and more effectively depending on what I was watching on the television. I feel that when I was playing video games, the immersive-ness of the light bars was much more effective. Turning off all the lights in the room and just using the light bars definitely allowed me to feel more into the experience of the game than if I had the lights on in the room.

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Music mode was also interesting and fun because it would react to the music that was playing. Several different modes can be chosen, such as strobe effects or sliding light effects. If I was having friends over and we were listening to music, the Music mode would be great to have, especially when the bass kicks in causing the lights to really jump and seem alive.

Color mode is extremely customizable. You can choose a wide variety of color swatches, even some based on flowers, the season, foods, or moods. What impressed me the most was controlling each section, not only by color choice but also by brightness. I created a color scheme where I had two yellow sections on the bottom of the left color bar, four purple sections above that, and on the right, I had two blue sections on the top and four purple sections below. I adjusted for brightness, toning down the purple just slightly near the yellow and blue sections, and I was able to make it appear to have three noticeably different colors. The greatest part was the customization. The level of colors and brightness settings was so staggering that for an LED geek like myself, I could lose several minutes, even hours, just playing with all of the customization settings. If you only wanted one tower to be on, you can do that as well. It really is amazing the level of thought put into the lights by Govee. In the app, there are sections devoted to community members uploading photos and videos of their setups and showcasing their designs. They even allow for contests for their consumers.

The Scene mode offers twelve different lighting effects, preprogrammed into specific events, such as bright white lights for reading, slow red and purples for romantic moments, flickering reds and orange colors for candlelight, and more. I found myself using this particular modeless, and it was only due to wanting to control the detail of the lights to fit my environment. It is still a neat feature, especially if you want to quickly change the mood of the room.

DIY mode allows users to create their own designs and effects. Users are encouraged to upload their designs to the community section to showcase their designs and even earn points to redeem other Govee products. This was another mode that I honestly did not utilize as much, and it was only for the fact that I was not interested in sharing some of my more odd color choices or effects. I'm a private person most of the time, but I think it is great that Govee involves their customers as much as they do.

You can access a Govee Home skill for Amazon's Alexa app and devices, as well as Google Assistant compatibility. This was where the products became more difficult to use properly. I was able to turn on and off the lights, and also cause the lights to change depending on the ambient temperature, but due to the limitations that are offered with both smart home devices, it was more of a burden and did not allow you to be as "hands-on" as you could with the phone app.


Govee Flow Plus and Govee Flow Pro are two amazing products that anyone can find some kind of use. With the ability to customize every detail to such an extensive amount that any mode utilized encourages more and more tweaking, this is honestly more fun than I expected it to be. The smart home application is great, but only for extremely basic functionality. The real ability relies on the user and community to help bring joy to any situation. I recommend both products but lean more towards the Pro for the added immersiveness to your on-screen entertainment. You can get the Govee Flow Pro and Govee Flow Plus on Govee's website or on


A great LED lighting device family that offers a vast amount of customization for hours, if not days, of lighting enjoyment.

Design & Aesthetics10


  • Vastly huge amount of customization, durability, and great community resources and involvement


  • The smart home integration was not as great.
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