The duo of memory kits I tested today show that Intel still offers problem-free support for the majority of memory kits available in the market. I had no problem running the memory kits at default and overclocked configurations. Both memory kits provided by G.Skill and Teamgroup feature solid design and good ICs which are designed to be overclocked so it all boils down to consumer choice.

In terms of overclocking, G.Skill has slightly better-binned DRAM dies although both of them are based on the Samsung B-die chips. For users who are looking for tighter timings, the Teamgroup Xtreem ARGB series is good for them while frequency enthusiasts should go for G.Skill with their higher clocked memory kits which are available in several configurations with different clocks and timings.

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Design choices for both kits are very unique with Trident Z Royal's going for a more glossy look with a crystallized RGB diffuser which looks amazing while T-Force's effort is great in itself with a mirror finish with a full-body diffuser to show off those RGB effects. Both kits are compatible with lighting RGB software from major board vendors. To sum it up, both memory kits offer a very premium look and feel that only a few other manufacturers could match when it comes to the RGB memory landscape.

Pricing is a whole another story with the G.Skill Trident Z DDR4-4400 (CL18) kit going for $289.99 US while the T-Force Xtreem ARGB 16 GB DDR4-3600 (CL14) kit going for $174.99 US. The G.Skill Royal series pricing is slightly more than the standard Trident Z RGB modules so if you really want your PC to feature these premium components, then Royal RGB is the way to go otherwise you're well off with the standard Trident Z RGB kit which goes for close to $200 US.


The Teamgroup T-Force on the other hand is priced ideally within what you'd expect of a premium 16 GB memory kit and makes it a good choice for users who want a fast memory kit with a premium design. Both kits do overclock well but my testing showed that G.Skill fares out much better in this department. With that said, both of these kits are superb options built for their specific audiences who want a taste of premium components within their PCs. If you're not a fan of RGB or the premium designs, then there are several memory kits available for much cheaper prices in the retail market. Both memory kits receive an Editor's Choice Award from me!

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