Memory Kits Unboxing & Closeup

G.Skill Trident Z Royal RGB 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Unboxing and Close Up

The G.Skill Trident Z Royal RGB series memory comes in a standard cardboard package and not cheap plastic material. The box has the G.Skill Trident Z Royal label on the front and that's about the entire marketing or labels that you'd see on this black colored box.

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We are looking at the F4-4400C18D-16GTRS SKU which features 16 GB of RAM capacity which is clocked in at 4400 MHz at CL18 timing. The box is sealed by a single holder which can be pushed up or down to gain access to the contents within the package.

Within the package are two DDR4 DIMMs, both of which are held within the black colored foam to protect the package during shipping as this is a very fragile product in design that can easily be damaged.

Outside the package, the G.Skill Trident Z Royal series includes the most stunning DRAM modules I have ever seen. G.Skill has managed to make their existing Trident Z memory modules even more interesting with the Royal theme and it sure would become a nice option for the PC modding community.

G.Skill provided us with their silver-colored Trident Z Royal series memory. Do note that there are both silver and gold-colored DIMMs available, however, I believe that silver is a very neutral color when building a PC compared to Gold. Gold sure amps up the appeal but you'd have to pick up a list of matching components otherwise you won't be doing much justice to your build. The silver color opens room for various build options.

The top of the memory modules houses the highlight of the memory kit, the Radiant Crystalline bar. This unique design is kind of reminiscent to the insides of a Geode with an entirely crystal designed light diffuser that provides maximum light refraction, allowing your PC to shine even when using in low-light conditions.

The crystalline top runs the entire length of the DIMM as was the case with the Trident Z RGB series. As always, G.Skill provides you full functionality of this feature through the Trident Z Royal RGB software which allows various modes and configurations for LED tweaking and the option to set off the RGB LEDs completely.

The frame of the memory DIMMs is of a high-class design that uses polished aluminum heat spreaders of either gold and silver color (silver in our case). There's also the extra Trident Z Tri-Fin design on the top just next to the RGB diffuser that helps deliver extra cooling performance for a memory clocked this high.

The memory modules are bulky and pack a solid heatsink that delivers optimal thermal performance. The sides feature a large Trident Z RGB logo. The DRAMs are fully covered by this aluminum shielded heatsink so higher temperatures won't be an issue on these sticks.

The memory sure looks spectacular but beware that it can easily catch fingerprints and requires you to clean them with the cloth provided in the package or use gloves when installing them in your PC.

G.Skill Trident Z Royal RGB 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit - RGB Lighting Showcase

The main focus of the new G.Skill memory kit is RGB and boy oh boy, does it look great. The RGB LEDs are controlled directly through signal processing via the DDR4 memory slot. G.Skill has software known as "Trident Z Royal Lighting Control" which is still in infancy but does offer good support for the memory on various Intel 300-series motherboards.


The memory runs in the default "Rainbow Wave" mode when plugged in the slots. G.Skill has enabled RGB support on motherboards from all major vendors to sync in with their RGB tech.

Through the software, LEDs for each memory can be configured individually. There is a range of RGB effects and animations available along with static mode and you can also turn the LEDs on and off.

Teamgroup T-Force DARK Z 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Unboxing and Close Up

The T-Force Xtreem ARGB series comes in a small cardboard package. It has red and black accents all over. The front of the package has the name and specifications sticker along with the marketing logos for T-Force and Xtreem ARGB brands.

The back of the box lists down a brief overview of the T-Force brand along with detailed features of the T-Force Xtreem ARGB series memory. The package also includes a warranty paper & a T-Force logo sticker.


Out of the box, I can note that the Xtreem ARGB from T-Force rocks a very premium look with a glossy front face and the use of silver and blue accents on the heatsink shroud.

The T-Force Xtreem ARGB series memory modules feature a large diffuser that is embedded across both sides. The diffuser lights up the reflective shroud which delivers a stunning look on the DIMM.

The other side of the memory modules has a matte black finish on the lower half. The reason for this is that the other side won't be as exposed as the front side of the memory when installed in a PC.

The dual-tone looks fantastic and the ARGB lighting makes this memory kit look great with almost all kinds of build.

The large diffuser does make the modules stand out a bit taller which might cause an issue in terms of heatsink clearance if you're running an air cooler. Otherwise, the memory is one phenomenal piece of work by T-Force.

Teamgroup T-Force Xtreem ARGB 16 GB DDR4 Memory Kit - RGB Lighting Showcase

As stated above, one of the main features of the T-Force Xtreem ARGB series is its unique design and that has mostly do with the stunning all-body RGB diffuser that is placed on the heatsink. The ARGB features of this memory kit are fully supported by major motherboard vendors through their own RGB technologies.

The memory kit supports ASUS's Aura Sync, Gigabyte's RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI's Mystic Light, and ASRock's Polychrome Sync software.



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