ASRock X299 Extreme4 and X299 OC Formula Motherboard - Cooler Performance and Temperatures

The Core-X series processors don't only consume higher power, they also release huge amounts of heat. It's well know that Intel is using a TIM based solution between the IHS and die rather than a proper soldered solution like AMD uses on Ryzen. Intel used proper soldered designs on their last generation HEDT processors but they have done away with it.

This will lead to improper dissipation of heat resulting in higher temperatures. I had to use the highest end liquid cooling solution for proper testing. Even a triple fan Cryorig R1 Ultimate air cooler wasn't able to cool these beasts down so I had to put the Corsair H115i over these bad boys. Results can be seen below:

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One thing I noted during my testing was that the VRM temps on the newly tested boards such as the X299 OC Formula, X299 Extreme4 and the ROG STRIX X299-E were really good compared to the PRIME Deluxe and Taichi. These motherboards did release later in the X299 roadmap but got range of improvements such as the power delivery and cooling systems.

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