Returnal Update 1.3.7 Fixes Various Progress-Halting Bugs and Other Issues


The latest update for Returnal has dropped, and it fixes number of vexing bugs that could temporarily halt progress or result in crashes. In particular, it seems like Housemarque really focused on some wonky issues related to Deceased Scouts. You can check out the patch notes for Returnal ver. 1.3.7, below.

  • Fixed an issue with Deceased Scouts not appearing as often as intended.
  • After having one of their Deceased Scout corpses scavenged, players will no longer receive a negative-effect parasite on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ophion boss disappeared after a player uses the Reconstructor during the fight.
  • Fixed a rare audio bug causing loud noises during combat.
  • Fixed a small number of issues where players might become stuck in various rooms.
  • Fixed several issues where the player might encounter a black screen during the credits or whilst playing.
  • Multiple fixes for rare crashes during gameplay.

Update 1.3.7 comes hot on the heels of 1.3.6, which improved stability and fixed various other issues.

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  • Multiple stability fixes addressing rare crashes/hangs.
  • Fixed issue with pre-order suits occasionally blocking item collection and door opening.
  • Fixed incorrect healing behavior when resting in Helios.
  • Fixed issues with certain custom controller mappings.
  • Numerous minor fixes and improvements.

It’s good to see Housemarque getting a steady flow of updates out, although they’ve yet to address fans’ biggest issue – the lack of mid-run saves. Housemarque currently has “a lot of different people looking for different things” regarding mid-run saves, but don’t expect a solution right away. Despite that, Wccftech’s Kai Powell still praised Returnal in his full review

Returnal checks all of the boxes for what a best-in-class roguelike should aim for -- a gameplay loop that rewards the player for innovation and mastery, loot that can synergize to create some unstoppable character builds, and most importantly, weapons that simply feel right in the player's hands. Without a doubt, Returnal is one of the finest PlayStation 5 exclusives available in 2021 and those that are eager for the next great challenge can find plenty to look forward to when they take Selene's first steps onto the alien planet again and again.

Returnal is available now on PS5.

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