A Resident Evil Village Third-Person Camera Mod Is in Development


Resident Evil Village has yet to be officially released on PC and consoles, but the first mods have already been released, and more advanced ones are already in development.

DarknessValtier, a known Resident Evil series modder, confirmed he is currently working on a third-person camera mod. He also shared a short video showcasing the mod in action, which you can check out below.

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As already mentioned, the first Resident Evil Village mods have already been released online. Among them is a mod that introduces an FoV slider, which is absent from the vanilla game.


  • FoV sliders that update the in-game FoV in real time
  • Separate FoV sliders for base FoV and zoom FoV
  • Update agnostic
  • Remembers last set FoV and auto-sets

Known issues/future work:

  • Slow to find initial value when first running mod - Making a proxy DLL version for launch that will resolve this
  • Annoying to need to open a second program - See above
  • Cutscenes are zoomed out! - Not much can be done here. The game's cut-scenes are in-engine, and everything shares a single FoV. Just don't set a mental FoV
  • The screen seems darker - Override the vignette

Resident Evil Village launches this week on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Google Stadia worldwide. You can learn more about the game by checking out Nate's review.

Resident Evil Village is a wild, thrilling ride across seemingly every horror genre and idea that happened to pass through the mad minds at Capcom. Not every aspect of the game is perfect, but its highs are very high and solid core mechanics and excellent presentation hold the grisly patchwork together. You may survive Resident Evil Village, but your thoughts will linger there long after you’ve escaped.