Resident Evil Village and RE7 VR Mods Look Amazing, Are Out Now

Resident Evil Village VR

Praydog, the creator of the RE Framework VR mods, has now delivered the highly anticipated Resident Evil Village and Resident Evil 7 updates that make these two games fully playable with Virtual Reality headsets.

RE Framework update 1.2 adds the following features and fixes:

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This update adds full motion controls to RE7 and Resident Evil Village, as well as adds OpenXR support.

Resident Evil Village had motion control support previously, but was very experimental. This update further refines the motion controls in RE8.

RE7 & RE8 Features

  • Hand tracking
  • Roomscale movement (character moves with the headset)
  • 360 degree HMD rotation (was not present in the previous RE8 build)
  • Physical weapon aiming
  • Physical melee attacks
  • Physical grenade throwing (Resident Evil Village only)
  • Physical blocking (hold hands in front of face)
  • Two handing weapons
  • Over-the-shoulder healing gestures
  • Ability to hide the player body
  • Gamepad support with head aiming
  • Optional world-space crosshair
  • Support for RE7 demo

RE2/RE3 Changes

  • Optional roomscale movement (enable under FirstPerson)
  • Two handing weapons
  • Reload animations now take control of the left hand

General VR Changes

  • OpenXR support
  • Performance improvements on DX12
  • Desktop view can now be recorded or watched without flickering
  • Various improvements to UI elements across all RE Engine games
  • Various tweakable options added to the VR menu

Other Changes (non-VR related)

  • Many more APIs and stability improvements to the scripting system
  • Plugin system

To use VR

  • Install SteamVR (unless you plan to use OpenXR on a supported headset)
  • Simply extract ALL of the files in the zip for your respective game into your game install folder.

To use OpenXR:

  • Perform the above steps, but do not extract openvr_api.dll into your game folder, but do extract openxr_loader.dll.
  • If you are using an Oculus headset or one that has a native OpenXR runtime, make sure you switch to your headset manufacturer's OpenXR runtime for the best experience

It's the first time Resident Evil Village players can enjoy the game in VR; you can take a look at Eurogamer's Ian Higton checking out a preliminary build in the gameplay footage below.

It's also a way for Resident Evil 7 fans to get what CAPCOM never provided when they opted to leave the VR version of the game exclusive to PSVR. In fact, Praydog's mod goes even further than CAPCOM did by enabling full motion controls and a full-fledged player avatar instead of the developer's meager floating hands approach.

If you check out Resident Evil Village and/or Resident Evil 7 with these VR mods, let us know about your experience in the comments section.

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