Resident Evil VII Biohazard Gets Xbox One X Patch


Xbox One X fans had been waiting for Resident Evil VII Biohazard to be patched, particularly since the official Microsoft website had listed it as 'Coming Soon' in December. At long last, CAPCOM has pushed the update and shared a comparison trailer to demonstrate the much higher definition the game enjoys when played on Xbox One X over Xbox One S.

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The publisher didn't provide detailed technical specifications and the listing lacks the 4K resolution tick, so it's fair to assume Resident Evil VII Biohazard doesn't run at native 4K on the console.

The game is also discounted on Microsoft Store as part of the latest round of deals. The Standard edition is now available for $24.89 or $22.49 for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, while the Gold Edition (which includes the DLCs) is priced at $34.99 or $29.99 for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Said discounts will last for the next two weeks.

You may find our review of the game here.

Regardless, this is a tremendous game and a real return to form for a series that was once lauded for its brilliance but more recently has been mocked for its poor form. Gone are the hammy comments, though there are a few, and back are the puzzles. There are reasons to play the story multiple times, too, thanks to certain moments that change the shape of the story, and you can absolutely speedrun the game, just like the old days.

But it’s the house and the Baker family that make Resident Evil 7 so brilliant. It’s been years since we felt terrified of a game, at points unable to continue without a break, and despite it feeling slightly too long, that’s something well worth celebrating. Resident Evil 7 is back, it’s brilliant, and it’s scary. Who’d have thought we’d be saying that a few years ago? Where it goes next is anyone’s business, but Capcom finally seem to be back on track, and we couldn’t be happier.