Resident Evil 8 Reportedly the Darkest, Most Gruesome Entry Yet, Fans May be Shocked


The Resident Evil 3 remake just came out a month ago, but speculation and rumors about Resident Evil 8 are already running wild. As we’ve heard in recent weeks, RE8 will reportedly feature the return of Ethan Winters and Chris Redfield (in flashbacks), takes inspiration from Resident Evil 4 with a more open “European-style” village setting, and will feature zombies, wolf-like creatures, and a shadowy reoccurring threat as enemies. Whether or not all these rumors pan out remains to be seen, but a fairly cohesive picture is beginning to emerge.

Well, Capcom insider Dusk Golem (who’s been the source of a lot of the Resident Evil 8 rumors so far) decided to dump a bunch of new details today. It sounds like Capcom is not playing it safe with RE8, as Dusk Golem promises the game will be “by far the darkest and most gruesome RE yet.”

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Dusk Golem went into further detail on the ResetEra forums, once again teasing the game will feature a new type of zombies, beastmen, a burly staff-wielding “juggernaut," and a witch-like “stalker” with an obscured face. In terms of gameplay, RE8 will be more open than the last few entries in the series, and Capcom is making some effort to improve the gunplay from RE7. Apparently, Chris will also be getting yet another makeover – basically, he’ll now look like a cross between the RE7 Chris and the more square-jawed version from RE5 and RE6.

Ultimately though, what’s probably going to really get tongues wagging are the rumors about RE8’s “divisive” story. Apparently, things are still in flux, and some of the potentially controversial elements may be changed, but as of now the game is still “dark as f—k,” with Dusk Golem providing one hint that will definitely raise some eyebrows. Warning: While no plot points are specifically spelled out, and things may change, the following info could be considered a SPOILER. Highlight the following paragraph to reveal the details...

According to Dusk Golem, Chris does something in RE8 that’s “actually horrible and f--ked up with full intent to do it” and that “it’s quite something.” You’re free to connect this rumor with other things we’ve heard and try guess what Chris’ horrible act may be.

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Take this all with a grain of salt for now, but Dusk Golem does seem to have the goods when it comes to Capcom and Resident Evil stuff. So, when might we find out more? Well, apparently, the plan was to show Resident Evil 8 at E3, so the reveal may not be too far off.

What do you think? Liking what you’re hearing about Resident Evil 8? Or has Capcom’s series gone off the tracks again?