Renewed Apple AirPods Pro are Available for Just $178 Right Now


Grab yourself a pair of Amazon Renewed AirPods Pro for a low price of just $178. Stock is limited and price can change any time.

Pay Just $178 for Apple AirPods Pro Instead of $249 Today

Owning a pair of AirPods Pro is pretty simple these days. Just give Apple $249 and they will ship it to you. But, it would be even nicer if you did not have to pay full price for Cupertino’s true wireless earphones. Today, you do not have to as they are available renewed from Amazon for a low price of just $178.

If you have not bought any renewed product from Amazon before then rest assured that you will be getting a thoroughly inspected and cleaned product. You will get at least 80% of battery health remaining. And there won’t be any cosmetic imperfections in the shipping product which is a nice touch.

Buy Apple AirPods Pro (Renewed) - Was $249, now just $178

The Apple AirPods Pro feature an in-ear design for richer sound and also provides active noise cancellation. Just press and hold the stem of any AirPod and the world around you will fade away. Press it again and you will enter transparency mode which is the complete opposite of noise cancellation as it lets the outside sound in.

You will get a wireless charging case with the AirPods Pro. Just place it on a Qi compatible charger and you will start charging up instantly. If you do not have a charging pad lying around, then you always plug a Lightning cable at the bottom to charge up.