What Is a Renewed Smartphone? Should You Save Money and Buy One, or Is Getting a Brand New Model a Safer Option?


A renewed smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, gaming console, home appliances, office products, or just about anything under the sun at almost half the price of a new product is definitely worth a look for the budget-conscious. Luckily for you, the Amazon Renewed store stocks a lot of pre-loved, refurbished, and open box items that have been tested for quality, but you’ll always ask yourself ‘are these as good as new ones?’ Here, we explain what is a renewed smartphone, or just about any other product and whether or not you should save a few bucks and go down this route.

How Amazon Sells Renewed Products and Ensures Their Longevity?

Anything that you come across at Amazon Renewed has been thoroughly tested and inspected by the seller or Amazon itself if the product has been procured from a third-party vendor. Amazon states that it has strict quality standards in place that must be met for a product to make it to the ‘Renewed’ category. Keep in mind that a renewed product isn’t the same as a refurbished one, and if you want to know more about that, you can read our detailed explanation and make your purchases accordingly.

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The inspection and testing phase is a thorough one and includes a complete diagnostic test, replacement of defective components if found, and cleaning of the product so that it looks new. That’s not to say that the item will actually be brand-spanking new, as you might find some cosmetic imperfections, but Amazon wants you to be at peace knowing that these imperfections aren’t expected to be visible unless you hold the product to your face. So, this shouldn’t really be a problem, as what’s a little wear and tear when the overall quality of the product is fine and it works as intended?

Will You Get the Original Packaging With a Renewed Product as You Do With a Brand New Product?

Pre-owned and refurbished products from Amazon Renewed usually come in a generic box and you can expect to get most of the accessories. If something is missing, the product detail page will clearly mention that. A disclaimer on the website says that headphones are not included with wireless devices and their batteries have at least 80 percent of the capacity which was originally stated with the new cell.

What Sort of Guarantee Can You Expect With a Renewed Smartphone or Other Product?

Select items on the store are also eligible for Amazon Renewed Guarantee, and this is mentioned on the information page of the concerned product. Under this guarantee, products can be replaced within 90 days of delivery if it doesn’t work as described. Similarly, users can also ask for a refund within three months of receiving an item if it doesn’t work as intended.

You can check out the Renewed store for amazing deals at discounted prices and it is usually not difficult to save more than 50 percent when compared to the prices of new items. There is also an ‘Upcoming Deals’ tab where you can keep track of future deals to come. In short, the Renewed store is the place to be at for items as good as new at half the original price.

Will you new purchase be a renewed smartphone, or any other product present in this category? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments.