How to Remove Videos from YouTube History and Come Out Absolutely Clean


Here's how you can remove / delete videos from YouTube history on your phone, tablet or the Web.

Deleting Videos from YouTube History is Easy and Recommended as Long as You Do it on Time

YouTube saves a history of all your watched videos in a nice chronological list. But, the problem is, if you have someone living with you that keeps an eye out for stuff that you shouldn't be watching - such as Nickelback videos - then it's recommended that you clear your history before they find out and things turn sour all of a sudden. So, without further ado, pick up your phone, tablet or launch your Web browser and learn how to clear YouTube history.

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On Your Phone or Tablet

1. Launch the YouTube app.

2. Now tap on the 'Library' tab.

3. Now select 'History.'

4. Over here you'll see all your videos listed in chronological order. Just find the one you wish to delete, and you're good to go. On iOS, swipe left on the video and tap on 'Remove.' Android users can tap on the 'three dots' icon on the right and then select 'Remove from Watch History.'

On the Web

1. Open the YouTube website by going to:

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2. On the top left hand corner, click on the little three lines next to the YouTube logo.

3. Click on History.

4. Find the video you wish to remove from YouTube history and then click on the little 'X' icon next to it. Boom, you're invisible now!

That's how you delete videos from your history. Now, in no way this guide is here to get you out of trouble. It serves as a purpose of educating people that this is possible and you can make use of it when the situation arises. Get it?

We will be back with more tutorials like these, so stay tuned. In the meantime, you are free to share your newly acquired knowledge with others around you.