Red Dead Redemption PC Listing a Mistake

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There is some sad news for the PC community, as unlikely as the news was originally it appears that the dreams we have long been dreaming of will have to wait a while longer.

Red Dead Redemption was listed for the PC by Windows Compatibility Center and apparently it was supported for Windows 7, 8 & 8.1 but when Lazaro of NeoGaf forums reached out to Microsoft for the validity of the listing the user was met with a rather heart breaking reply.

"My apologies for the mistake.
I have removed this game from the catalog and should possibly get removed from Windows Compatibility Center by 5/13 or latest by 5/14."

As you can see, the dream was good while it lasted and this is another memory for the gaming community to make in the list of "False but very hopeful announcements of announcements that would later on step all over our hearts" pile, right along games like Half-Life 3, Left 4 Dead 3, Portal 3, Shenmue 3 and many other games that are waiting to come to the right platform under the right developer / publisher.

Red Dead Redemption for PC Falls Back in the "Waiting For" Pile.

Even though the listing may have set our hopes up a little too high and set us up for the fall too, we should always remember that Alan Wake also went through a similar ordeal and that game eventually came out of the Xbox and unto the PC and managed to show Remedy that the PC is a powerful platform.

For now, all you can do is enjoy the current backlog that awaits you and wait for the eventual announcement / release of Red Dead Redemption / Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PC, you know it will happen but you just have to give it time.

While it is very harsh of Rockstar to hold something as amazing as Red Dead Redemption back from the PC community, perhaps there are genuine qualms that the studio has with bringing the game over to the PC aside from their original excuse about the PC not being Viable.

Even though the game is over 4 years old now, patience has proven to pay off after a certain time, the PlayStation Community had waited YEARS on end to hear about Final Fantasy Versus XIII and we finally heard good news about the game as of E3 '13 when the game had been given strong details and a trailer to it.

Red Dead Redemption PC version might not be happening now, a month or even a year from now but eventually there can be something down the line and if all else fails all we can really do is emulate the game the way we do for PS2, Wii, GameCube and other platforms we don't own.

How saddened are you by this news? Hopefully Rockstar will at least deliver Grand Theft Auto 5 to the PC community in the coming months ... Right?

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