Samsung And ARM Partner To Enhance Consumers’ Visual Experience

With ample developments in technology, advancements are key aspects to survive in the tech war against competing companies. Considering the enhancements, users have rising expectations, either them being needs or wants. Similarly, tech brands collaborate together to minimize risks of failure and the most recent headline came ahead that shows consensus between ARM and Samsung for the same mission statement.

ARM and Samsung have signed a long term agreement that deals in the provision of graphic technology that may make room for a step up in visual experience for the customers. The next-gen devices that come under the agreement will feature pumped graphic and visuals for a better yet lasting experience. Roll down for a deeper insight over the matter.

Samsung And ARM Work Together To Provide Next Level Visual Experience

The more expensive agreement between ARM and Samsung focuses on products which are performance oriented considering the need for adequate price adjustment and the introduction of programs that meet changing needs of customers. Its not the first time that Samsung has affiliated itself with ARM, previously the Korean tech giant has used ARM's Mali technology for its SoCs to power devices. Samsung's senior vice president of the processor development tem, Jae Choel Son stated:

“The visual quality is a critical part of high-end mobile devices. The highly scalable and energy-efficient ARM Mali family gives us the flexibility we need to address a broad range of devices,”

The subscription license beholds GPUs that also includes the previous gen MaliT820, Mali-T830, Mali-T860 plus the recently announced Mali-T880 and all others that might arrive in the future. Considering the heavy demand for Mali-enabled SoCs in 2014, ARM is set to be world's most considered provider of GPU IP licenses. The general manager for media processing group in ARM, Mark Dickenson said,

“Hundreds of millions of consumers have benefited from the longstanding collaboration between Samsung and ARM. ARM’s leadership in graphics, coupled with this long-term agreement, will enable Samsung to deliver rich and exciting user experiences to consumers on any device.”

ARM has diversified itself for the provision of products and devices that does not solely belong to a single market segment but many. This is ought to be done to provide unique products in a highly competitive yet advanced market. ARM agrees with Samsung over solutions to provide the next level visual experience that might be helpful for Samsung's market share in the mobile industry. This is all for now, folk. Let us know in the comments what you think about Samsung's agreement with ARM?

Source: Business Wire

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