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Rebel Galaxy Running @1080P/30 On Both PS4 &XB1, Devs Confirm


Rebel Galaxy by Double Damage Games debuted in October on PC to great reviews (including our own), and it's almost ready to launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One too. The developers announced this yesterday via Twitter, while an earlier tweet published a few days ago suggested that the PS4 version of Rebel Galaxy would be running at 1080P/30FPS.

As part of our exclusive interview with Double Damage Games, we can now confirm that the Xbox One version will also run at 1080P/30. We also inquired about future plans for the PC version, such as DLC and DirectX 12 support.

  • What's going to change, if anything, in the console versions of Rebel Galaxy when compared to the PC release?
  • There should be no real substantive differences to the PC release for consoles - of course on a PC you can run at higher resolutions, and we target 30FPS on console (vs PC, where modern PCs should easily achieve 60+)  The PC also has a custom soundtrack option which isn't available on consoles.
  • As a PC developer, did you encounter any trouble while porting the game to either PlayStation 4 or Xbox One?
  • Consoles seem much more PC-like than ever. We contracted with Blitworks to get an early port up and running and then took over after that, enlisting their help again later to get our TRCs covered. All in all it was pretty smooth!
  • Are you going to use some of the peculiar features of each platform, such as Kinect or the DualShock 4 touchpad/Sixaxis features?
  • We don't really use any of the platform-specific features.
  • Are you planning any expansion or DLC for Rebel Galaxy, or would you rather focus on a sequel?
  • At present we don't have any announced plans for either - although of course we have a million ideas for a sequel. You always seem to after the first project!
  • Which resolution are you targeting for Xbox One in particular?
  • XBox one is also 1080p - we did various tweaks to effect target sizes and some FPS-adaptive LOD-ing as well as shader specific tweaks on some of the heavier post effects to get it as close as possible.
  • Do you have plans to implement DirectX 12 for the PC version of the game?
  • We don't have any plans to do so.
  • Thank you for your time!