Reasons Why the M1 iPad Pro is Better Than the New iPad Air 5


Apple has seen fit to announce the new iPhone SE and iPad Air 5 at its Spring event with numerous surprises. The new iPad Air 5 was rumored to be powered by the A15 Bionic chip but Apple decided to take it up a notch and incorporate an M1 chip. Apple's move was a total surprise and it only made the device more appealing to the public. In addition, the M1 chip part of the iPad Air 5 features enhanced performance capabilities compared to the A15 Bionic. However, if you are looking to buy an iPad with the same screen size, here are the reasons why the M1 iPad Pro is a better pick compared to the iPad Air 5.

Check Out Some of the Major Reasons Why the M1 iPad Pro is Better Than the New M1 iPad Air 5

If you are confused between the M1 iPad Pro and the M1 iPad Air 5, we will guide you to make an informed decision. There is a wide range of differences between the two models and it is better that you are aware. Take note that the final decision rests in your hands. Check out the reasons below detailing why the M1 iPad Pro is a better option than the recently announced iPad Air 5.

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ProMotion Display

While the display on the iPad Air 5 is pretty standard, the M1 iPad Pro model features a ProMotion display. The ProMotion technology allows for a 120Hz refresh rate display. This means that the content will be more fluid and games will look better. It is always a great experience to use a higher refresh rate display. In contrast, the iPad Air 5 features a standard 60Hz display. Moreover, the iPad Pro features 600 nits of brightness while the iPad Air 5 comes with 500 nits.

Stereo Speakers

The M1 iPad Pro houses four speakers instead of two on the iPad Air 5. It gives you an immersive audio experience when viewing media content.

Face ID

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The M1 iPad Pro features Face ID for all authentication purposes. The iPad Air 5, on the other hand, sticks with the Touch ID in the Power button. While it all depends on user preference, Face ID is advanced and much easier to work with.

M1 iPad Pro and iPad Air 5 comparison and features

Cameras and Sensors

The iPad Pro features a 12MP Wide and 10MP Ultra-Wide camera while the iPad Air 5 only features a 12MP Wide camera sensor. In addition to this, the M1 iPad Pro also features a LiDAR scanner for enhanced augmented reality features. This is a major edge for the iPad Pro.


The new iPad Air 5 features sub-6GHz 5G connectivity while the M1 iPad Pro features sub-6GHz as well as mmWave 5G connectivity. Henceforth, if you are willing to use an iPad outdoors and want to make use of the best connectivity with faster speeds, the iPad Pro is a better choice.


The M1 iPad Pro features a storage capacity of up to 2TB while the new iPad Air 5 only comes with 256GB. In addition, the maximum amount of RAM you can get on the iPad Air 5 is 8GB while the iPad Pro features 8GB as well as 16GB of RAM.

M1 iPad Pro and iPad Air 5 comparison and features


The M1 iPad Pro features a USB-C connector with support for Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4. The iPad Air 5 features USB-C without Thunderbolt 4 support. Nonetheless, both models can connect to the new Studio Display from Apple.

These are some of the major aspects of the M1 iPad Pro and the new M1 iPad Air 5. The iPad Pro is a better choice for you but you have to take note that it is $200 more than the iPad Air 5 for the base model. If you want to use high-end features and a better display, it would be wise for you to go ahead with the M1 iPad Pro. If you want to save some bucks and tone down your experience a little, then the iPad Air 5 is the one to go for. You can read more details in our iPad Air 5 announcement post.

This is all there is to it, folks. Share your choice with us in the comments.

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