A Rare Disappointment From The Moto 360 – Device To Allegedly Be Made Of Plastic

Ramish Zafar

Motorola's Moto 360 is currently the most anticipated smartwatch out there. Well, its not out there yet, but all of us are anxiously waiting for it to be launched. Out of the three Android Wear wearables debuted at Google's I/O it was the Moto 360 that caught our and countless others's eye as well. This is primarily due to the design of the watch, which according to its Design Chief Jim Hicks is made out of stainless steel. According to several sources the Moto 360 is to get wireless charging and an ambient light sensor amongst other things such as a sapphire glass panel and OLED display.

But thats where the Moto 360's impressing features end. According to sources the device can be expected to be around 13.5 mm thick. This places it well above its competition, namely LG's G Watch and Samsung's Gear Live. These are 9.9 and 8.9 mm thick respectively. This looks like to be a disappointment for the much anticipated device, which had definitely managed to catch the attention of a lot of people.

13.5 mm Thick And Made Out Plastic. Is There Anything Else Motorola Isn't Telling Us?

This report comes straight out of China and is courtesy of the Chinese site techweb. If the watch is indeed that thick and made out of plastic then it would most certainly mean that a lot people anticipating the device are going to be disappointed. Metal has generally been associated with the premium build quality that it lends to the devices it is used in. With plastic, Motorola seems to be taking the cheaper route here. Nothing's for sure yet though, so let's hope this rumor gets laid to rest right here. Will plastic affect your decision to buy the Moto 360? Let us know in the comments section.



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