Moto 360 Tops Other Smartwatches Again – To Be The First To Feature Ambient Light Sensor

Motorola seems determined to get everything right about the Moto 360. From the brilliant design to a thinner bezel when compared to other Android Wear devices, the Moto 360 really is set to impress. Ask almost anyone about their favorite smartwatch and in most cases the Moto 360 is what you'll hear. That's how good this device really is. Sadly however, very little information is available about the Moto 360 when compared to Samsung's Gear Live or LG's G Watch. Well, that's about to change, if only by a little. And it's not an everyday internet rumor either. This piece of information comes from Motorola demonstrator Cathay Bi in a video TechCrunch hands-on video of the device.

Motorola's Moto 360 To Feature Ambient Light Sensor - Will Automatically Adjust Brightness

When we take a look at both the Samsung Gear Live and LG's G Watch, the absence of a light sensor puzzles us. The display of a smartwatch is clearly going to be used a lot more than a smartwatch so therefore the technology should be present to regulate display brightness. This should of course correspond to the brightness of the device's environment. Well, Motorola seems to have figured this out. In the video above, the demonstrator clearly states that the Moto 360 will feature an ambient light sensor. This will be a relief to any potential user of the Moto 360. It will save the needless hassle involved by constantly having to adjust the brightness of the device. The Moto 360 really looks to be the most complete Android Wear Device so far. Now if Motorola would only launch the device.


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