Rainway for Xbox Beta Out Now, Allows PC Games to Be Streamed to the Console

Rainway for Xbox

The open beta of Rainway for Xbox is available now from the Microsoft Store. This means you have the chance to stream any PC exclusive game, such as Beyond: Two Souls, Detroit: Become Human, Heavy Rain, Nioh, Journey just to name a few, to the Xbox One console and play it right there.

Rainway for Xbox gives players the freedom to enjoy the high-quality graphics of PC, but from the comfort of their couch on the big screen. Our games-first UI offers users their own personal ‘Netflix for games’ right in their living room.

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The press release also reveals Rainway for Xbox will be getting additional features over the course of the beta, such as 4K streaming, local multiplayer and co-op support, voice chat, and more. Parental controls are already available in the app.

Rainway brings all your PC games to your Xbox One. Grab your controller and start playing your game library in just a few seconds.

For the best performance:

* Ensure your Windows 10 desktop is connected via Ethernet.

* Connect your Xbox to Ethernet or to the 5GHz channel of your WiFi network.

* Ensure your device is not actively updating or downloading content in the background.

Rainway debuted in Open Beta on PC about two years ago. Since then, the company has raised more cash with two rounds of funding, with the last one taking place in September 2019.

Earlier this month, Rainway also launched on iOS; you may download it from the App Store at this URL.

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