Rainbow Six Siege Season 2 Confirmed Alongside New Details for Operation Red Crow


New details emerged on Rainbow Six Siege's upcoming updates. Reddit user JohnnyTest91 has compiled a list of the highlights during the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 3 Finals that was held over the weekend.

To begin with, a new year of content has been confirmed.

No further details were released on Season 2. However, we do know that Operation Red Crow is the fourth update of Season 1 and takes the team to Japan, adding two new operators to the roster alongside the following.

New Map "Skyscraper":

  • No basement
  • Special spawn
  • Devs think it's the most balanced DLC map yet, not too much destruction. Similar design line like the first ten maps.

Operator Hibana:

  • Can shoot 3x6 charges. They detonate remotely. They can be jammed and destroyed by batteries, the latter only before they are activated. If I understood right, you can choose
  • All six charges can be shot at the same time which can open little drone holes  or even full-sized holes to walk through.
  • Cannot put the ACOG on her SMG.

Operator Echo:

  • Only he can see through his drone, which vision has a green tint.
  • You can stun teammates, enemy and yourself
  • Charges do refresh automatically, it apparently
  • You can put attachments on his silenced MP5, also the ACOG.

Patch 5.0 Notes:

  •  Special operator full body skins
  • Shield skins are confirmed
  • Twitch has been redesigned
  • Twitch's drone initial screen has been slightly redesigned (You can see some program code first).
  • Fuze's artwork has been changed
  • We've seen some new charms (Tachanka gold pro league charm, dog charm)+
  • We will get new universal skins plus new seasonal skins. And finally a black skin!
  • Kapkan traps have got redesigned
  • New body skins (Ash's, Smoke's, Hibana's and Echo's in the stream)
  • Ranked round timer will be reduced to 3 minutes

Patch 5.2 midseason reinforcement related:

  • Bartlett University map is finally coming to PVP!
  • Probably a big lighting overhaul coming with this patch.

Rainbow Six Siege should get the Operation Red Crow update later this week on November 17th on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.