Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Season is Operation Void Edge, Operators May Have Leaked

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege’s fifth year of content should be kicking off soon, and Ubisoft has officially announced the title of Season 1 – Operation Void Edge. No real details about Void Edge have been revealed, but we did get this animated teaser on Twitter.

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Not a ton to glean from that teaser, although the title Void Edge and the explosive imagery may point to a recent leak being the real deal. Around a week ago, a Russian source that has provided accurate Siege info in the past popped up on Reddit with some new info, stating that Year 5, Season 1 will include two new operators – a defender named Oryx, and an attacker possibly named Yana. The following Year 5 promotional image, possibly showing Yana and Oryx, has also leaked.

  • Oryx will apparently be a big, beefy dude who can breach walls with his body, Kool-Aid Man style. The potentially jives with the Void Edge Twitter tease – is that plaster dust and exploding wall fragments on the right side of the image? Oryx’s weapons will consist of an MP5, SPAS-12, Bailiff 410, and USP40.
  • For Yana, it seems she’ll be able to project some type of hologram she can control. For what purpose, I’m not sure. Her weapons will be an ARX200, which can be held vertically, G36C, and MK1 9MM. Overall, it seems like the source is less sure certain about their Yana info.

Late last year, reliable Rainbow Six Siege leaker Komora also revealed a “Kool-Aid Man” operator was in the works, further corroborating the Oryx info. As part of the same info dump, Komora also revealed a Tachanka rework might be coming in Y5S1. It was recently revealed that Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 will include fewer Operators than previous years – six instead of eight. It would seem to follow that some seasons will have two new Operators, while others will likely only have one along with an Operator rework or two. So, we’ll see how all this shakes out.

Rainbow Six Siege is available now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. No word yet on when Operation Void Edge will launch, but we should learn more when the Six Invitation 2020 kicks off in Montreal on February 16.

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