Rainbow Six Quarantine Operators, Locations, Microtransactions, and More Possibly Leaked

Rainbow Six Quarantine

Back at E3 2019, Ubisoft officially announced Rainbow Six Quarantine, but very few concrete details were revealed about the game. We know it will focus on co-op PvE play and expand on the story established in Rainbow Six Siege’s 2018 “Outbreak” event, which pit players against people infected by a mysterious alien virus. Beyond that, Quarantine has remained somewhat of a mystery.

Well, we may have a good chunk of new information about Rainbow Six Quarantine courtesy of what appear to be some sort of promotional documents, which have leaked on Reddit. You can scope them out below (click on the images for higher resolution – sadly some of the text simply isn’t readable).

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Obviously, take this with a grain of salt – these documents are more detailed than your typical leak, which doesn’t necessarily support them being real one way or the other. Some Ubi insiders have vouched for the information though, and nothing about it seems too wildly unbelievable.

So, if this leak is the real deal, it seems like Rainbow Six Quarantine will borrow a lot of content from Siege, including it’s a launch lineup of 21 Operators, which will be divided between Assault, Recon, and Support classes. Gameplay will focus on 4-player co-op, replayability, and tension, with four types of main mission types, including Sabotage, Disruption, Escort, and Hunt. Secondary tasks will include collecting, scanning, and defending. Enemy types will include the Grunt, Breacher, Rooter, Smasher, and Ape, along with three new types.

It seems like Quaratine’s campaign will unfold across three locations – New York, San Francisco, and a third location simply identified as “TRC.” Each of these locations will offer up three missions – Liberty Island, Police Presence, and Monolith Hotel for NYC, Mission District, Casino, and Foundations Space for San Francisco, and Hospital, The Dam, and Downtown for TRC.

Finally, it’s also confirmed that customization and microtransactions will again be in the mix. It appears as if players will be able to acquire weapons and other gear in Common to Epic variants.

Rainbow Six Quarantine is expected to hit PC, Xbox One, PS4, and next-gen consoles sometime in 2020. What do you think? Does this leak seem legit? If so, are you excited for Quarantine?

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