Rage 2 Unveils More Crazy Cheat Codes, Players Don’t Need to Pay Real Money to Get Them

Rage 2 1080p xbox one x ps4 pro 60fps

Earlier this week it was announced Rage 2 would include a “He’s On Fire” cheat code, that adds big bad BOOMSHAKALAKA commentary from NBA Jam’s Tim Kitzrow to the action. That right there is awesome enough, but Bethesda has since revealed a variety of other Rage 2 cheat codes, including:

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  • Git Gud: Sweet, sweet instagib. With “Git Gud” every enemy goes down in one hit. It’s not fair to your enemies, but f*** ‘em. You. Are. A. God.
  • Son of Thor: Much like the power Olivia Newton John is supplying in the hit film “Grease,” this Cheat is electrifying. When the “Son of Thor” Cheat is activated, the player becomes electric, electrocuting any enemies that get too close.
  • Klegg Support: The infamous (and douchey) Klegg Clayton is spawned as a friendly AI companion. We honestly don’t know if this is a reward or a punishment.
  • Phoenix Rejector Seat: Now this is just getting ridiculous. As opposed to the Phoenix’s Ejector Seat, which does what it says on the tin and ejects the player from the vehicle, the Rejector Seat leaves the player on the ground and ejects the Phoenix into the air. Like we said, ridiculous.
  • And So Much More: There will be more Cheats dropped into the game on a rotating basis, and additional Cheats will be added to the lineup post-launch.

Sounds pretty rad! Even better, it turns out you don’t need to plunk down any real-world cash to get access to Rage 2’s cheat codes. Previously, it seemed like players would need to pre-order Rage 2 or buy the deluxe edition to get cheats, but it turns out you can purchase them with in-game currency from a character named the Wasteland Wizard. So, pre-ordering or purchasing the deluxe edition will get you the cheats faster, but everybody can earn them. Seems fair enough.

Rage 2 unleashes its fury on PC, Xbox One, and PS4 on May 14.

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