HIS Radeon R7-250 Oland XT and R7-240 Oland Pro ‘Volcanic Islands’ Graphics Cards Pictured

Hassan Mujtaba

The first AMD Volcanic Islands R-200 series graphics card Radeon R7-250 and Radeon R7-240 based on the upcoming Oland based architecture have been leaked by Videocardz. The leak confirms the new naming scheme that AMD is going to feature on their next generation Volcanic Islands graphic cards.

Images are courtesy of Videocardz!

HIS Radeon R7-250 Oland XT and R7-240 Oland Pro Graphic Cards Pictured

The HIS Radeon R7-250 and HIS Radeon R7-240 graphic cards are entry level Volcanic Islands solutions which feature the Oland XT and Oland Pro graphics core respectively. The new GPUs are based on a faster variant of Cape Verde core so would end up a bit faster than the Radeon HD 7770 and Radeon HD 7750 but would be a bit slower compared to the Bonaire XTX based Radeon HD 7790. Its quite surprising that the leak is regarding GPUs built by HIS since they were the first manufacturer to officially leak the codenames of AMD's Volcanic Islands series.

HIS Radeon R7-250 'OLAND XT'

The HIS Radeon R7-250 makes use of the Oland XT core which is built on the 28nm process and features a clock speed ranging from 1000 MHz based and 1050 MHz boost, featuring upto 1 GB of GDDR5 memory clocked at 4600 MHz and supports PCI-e x16 3.0 interface. GPU configurations currently remain unknown.

HIS Radeon R7-240 'OLAND PRO'

The HIS Radeon R7-240 makes use of the Oland Pro core which is also built on a 28nm process but features less impressive clock speeds of 730 MHz base and 780 MHz boost while supporting upto 2 GB of DDR3 memory with a clock speed of 1800 MHz and supports PCI-e 3.0 x16 interface. It is easy to note that the Oland Pro part would feature lesser stream processors than its bigger Oland XT brother.

HIS Radeon R7-250 HIS Radeon R7-240
GPU Codename Oland XT Oland Pro
GPU Process 28nm 28nm
Core Clock 1000 MHz 730 MHz
Boost Clock 1050 MHz 780 MHz
VRAM 1 GB GDDR5 (128-bit) 2 GB DDR3 (128-bit)
Memory Clock 4600 MHz 1800 MHz


From a previous leaked codename chart, we can see that the VLIW based low end Radeon HD 6670 and Radeon HD 6570 have finally been replaced by decent offerings. You can see more details regarding upcoming product lineups below:

AMD Volcanic Islands Codename GPU Model Refreshed/Replaced Part
Hawaii R9 290X None -True HD 7970 Successor
Hawaii R9 290 None -True HD 7950 Successor
Tahiti XTL R9 280X HD 7970
Tahiti XT R9 280 HD 7950
Curacao XT R9 270X HD 7870
Curacao Pro R9 270 HD 7850
Bonaire XTX R7 260X HD 7790
Oland XT R7 250 HD 6670
Oland Pro R7 240 HD 6570


Both cards would be available in reference and non-reference models featuring the HIS IceQ and HIS iCooler. The Oland Pro Radeon R7-240 part that has been pictured is powered by its PCI-e connector representing a TDP of 75W while the TDP for the Radeon R7-250 part remains a mystery until next week. Credit for the leak goes to Videocardz who have done an amazing job getting first information regarding AMD's Volcanic Islands GPUs. Stay tuned for more information on the go!

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