Quantum Break Rated For PC In Brazil

Alessio Palumbo

UPDATE: the rating for PC has been removed.

ORIGINAL STORY: It looks like Quantum Break has been rated for PC as well as Xbox One by the Brazilian Advisory Board for video games.

Of course, it could be a mistake, which is why we have labeled this story as a rumor for now. Still, it isn't exactly a stretch to imagine a PC version of Quantum Break: Alan Wake eventually found its way there, after all, though that was only some time after its Xbox 360 launch. Moreover, even Creative Director Sam Lake has admitted that he would like to see the game on the platform.

Still, it would be certainly surprising if Quantum Break launched this year on PC. While Microsoft has thankfully increased its PC support recently, bringing all of its exclusive games on Windows could cripple the Xbox One's appeal for many.

Just yesterday, we told you about the upcoming GDC 2016 session where Remedy Entertainment will discuss how they solved some performance issues while developing the game. In the same story, we reported Head of PR Thomas Puha explaining that the weak AI seen in earlier gameplay videos was due to the fact the AI wasn't fully implemented yet.

Quantum Break launches on April 5 for Xbox One, with a novel and a live action mini series set to considerably expand its fictional universe. We'll keep you apprised of any and all developments on the rumor regarding a PC version, so stay tuned.

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