Qualcomm and Vivo 5G Demo Took Only 8 Seconds to Download a 1.2GB Video – Uploading Took Only Slightly Longer

Qualcomm Vivo 5G demo new video download record

Qualcomm and Vivo demoed a 5G application today, in which there are several tests ranging from the download testing, online video playback testing, speed testing, download testing, upload testing, and high-definition 3D live video testing. The latest alliance has once again proven that 5G connectivity is going to take the world by storm when it first arrives.

Low-latency Connection, High Upload Speeds, and More Were Demonstrated by Qualcomm and Vivo

First, they conducted a speed test. In the 5G network, the low latency was no more than 5ms, with the upstream length being 162Mbps and the downstream speed is 1,420Mbps. Then comes the download test. A 1.2GB movie only took 8 seconds to download, while the upload tests took 11 seconds to upload 9 files with a total size of 225MB.

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After that, an online video playback was put to the test. A 2K resolution video was played online with nearly no buffering. Buffering is a real spoilsport when it comes to watching videos so it’s great that you can watch videos without any problems on a 5G environment. Let us hope you can experience the same performance on 5G-capable smartphones, tablets, and notebooks.

At the end, high-definition 3D live video testing was done. The calculated delay from the network was less than 5ms. As a conclusion, it is safe to say that the performance of a 5G network would be nothing short of impressive. During the Qualcomm Snapdragon Technology Summit, the chipset manufacturer announced that by 2019, 5G will be commercially available and Vivo would be one of the first companies to embrace it.


As per reports, Vivo has already created an engineering prototype that can dock Qualcomm's 5G prototype system and the back-end analog network. Qualcomm has already created a 5G prototype system which conforms to 3GPP standards. Vivo and Qualcomm have both joined their capabilities and resources to promote the 5G commercialization processes together.

5G networks are the future and a lot of carriers and companies are aiming to be at the forefront of its development. Qualcomm is thought to be miles ahead of its competitors when it comes to the next echelon of mobile connectivity.

News Source: MyDrivers

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