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QNAP Extends Surveilance Intergration Scale with Dahua Technology Network Cameras


QNAP Systems, a leader in Network attached storage and all things backups, has today announced that QVR Pro, the next-generation surveillance solution featuring the QVR Center central management software and QVR Guard failover protection, is now compatible with an additional 88 models of Dahua Technology’s Eco-savvy 3.0, WiFi 265 and H.265 PTZ series network cameras.

QNAP Adds Dahua Technology For QVR Pro Next Generation Cameras With H.265

QNAP has worked with Dahua Technology to provide users with greater choice and compatibility in deploying a comprehensive surveillance solution. Dahua's Eco-savvy 3.0 network camera series can deliver real-time 4K video streams at 15 fps, providing security applications with impressive range of smart detection features. Dahua's WiFi 265 series supports H.265 compression. Dahua's H.265 PTZ camera provides a large monitoring range with clear details, while the latest H.265 compression cuts bandwidth in half to ensure video recording with greater efficiency and lower cost.

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QVR Pro, the professional surveillance solution on QNAP NAS, includes 8 monitoring channels, allowing users to quickly build a home surveillance environment hosted on the QNAP NAS without any extra software required. Businesses can easily expand the number of monitoring channels up to 128 by purchasing QVR Pro licenses to deploy a large-scale surveillance project. QVR Pro uses an independent operating environment on the QNAP NAS, and by leveraging the storage expandability of the NAS, surveillance videos are safely stored for on-demand playback. The enhanced QVR Pro Client cross-platform software allows for rapid multi-channel playback and can support simultaneous play multiple 4K network cameras. Synchronous playback can focus on moving objects, while the diversified event notification setting ensures all urgent events are delivered. QVR Pro Client is available for mainstream operating systems on desktop and mobile, making surveillance management more convenient.

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