PSN+ officially confirmed at E3.

It was long rumored that Sony was planning a premium plan for all the PlayStation Network users but no one was expecting such a great deal, every month 4 free games, access to some exclusive themes and even cross game voice all this for a mere price of $50 for a whole year.

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The PlayStation Plus was recently announced by Sony during their E3 press conference. The service is an extension to the PlayStation Network which brings in a plethora of intriguing changes. In addition to the unveiling of the service, Sony has announced that those who opt to purchase 1 year or 90-day membership for PlayStation Plus then they’ll receive a free PlayStation 3 copy of LittleBigPlanet.

Confirmed via the announcement of PlayStation Plus on the European PlayStation Blog:

From 29th June you’ll be able to purchase a 1 year or 90-day membership from PlayStation Store and instantly get your hands on the following premium features. Plus, if you sign up for a 1 year membership between 29th June and 3rd August, we’ll also throw in a free downloadable copy of the award winning LittleBigPlanet.

So, this, of course, applies to European PlayStation users for the time being it seems, but we’ll update you if SCEA mention anything about this.

PlayStation Plus will be released on June 29th, 2010. For more information on Sony’s PlayStation Network premium offerings, head on over to the announcement of the anticipated service.

Sony’s E3 conference certainly revealed a slew of expected and many unexpected announcements. One of the expected announcements was a new PlayStation premium service, which was confirmed to be PlayStation Plus. A new firmware update, 3.40 has been confirmed to be released this month, and with it, brings the feature which has been demanded from PlayStation 3 owners for a long, long time: cross-game voice chat.

The PlayStation Plus press release stated the confirmation of firmware 3.40:

PlayStation users can purchase PlayStation Plus membership through PlayStation Store on PS3 only. Users need to install PS3 system software version 3.40, which will be released on June 22nd, to enjoy PlayStation Plus.

The Portuguese PlayStation website confirmed that cross-game voice chat will indeed be arriving to the PlayStation 3:

Invite your friends to chat online No Matter What game you’re all playing, even If They Are not members of PlayStation Plus.

In the most expected reveal of Sony’s E3 conference, the company announced the arrival of a premium service for the PSN, appropriately titled PlayStation Plus.

Don’t panic, the new service will not hinder online play for PS3 owners who wish not to pay, and all existing features will remain free.

Members will be able to get at least four games a month at no extra charge. Each month there will be a selection of one PSN game, two minis and one PS one classic available on PlayStation Store for you to download. You also get premium avatars and dynamic themes each month, many of which are exclusive to members.

There will also be discounts available on PlayStation Store content, just for the members, and, you will be giving selected demos and beta trials before they go live to the public. Allegedly, the games, avatars and themes alone are worth at least £200 per year, but that will not be the only benefit of the service.

This premium feature gives you the chance to try PSN and Blu-ray disc titles before you buy them in a revolutionary new way. ‘Full Game Trial’ allows you to download the full game and play it as if you owned it for approximately one hour, depending on the game, before you decide if you want to buy it or not. This includes online modes, and all other features you’d expect in a game. Additionally, your progress and trophies from the trial will all be unlocked if you buy the game so no need to go back and start again.

Another feature exclusive to the Plus service is the ability to set your PS3 to automatically receive the latest game updates for all the games you play, PS3 system software updates and game demos for your PS3, all automatically. After setting the time, your PS3 will automatically wake up and download everything, ready for when you next want to game, thus stopping you from having to wait for patches each time you want to play a game.

The price is $49.99/ €49.99 / £39.99 a year. In addition, you have the option of purchasing three months for $18/ €14.99 / £11.99.

They had me sold at FREE Little Big Planet, You have to consider that this is a great deal, for a one time annual payment of $50 you are getting worry free online privileges for XBOX live you pay almost the same amount but there is a huge risk for console modified owners of getting banned at any time where as that is an impossibility on PSN cause every game on the PS3 is fully legit.

This is quite an impressive 'Move' from Sony, Let's see if Microsoft does something similar


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