PS4 Sales Top 30 Million Units As Of November 22


PS4 sales have topped 30 million units. Sony has officially announced that their console has sold through more than 30.2 million units as of November 22.

Sony's PS4 has exceeded 30 million sales

The console launched back in November of 2013, and PS4 sales have been amazing since its launch. According Sony, the console continues to demonstrate the fastest and strongest growth in PlayStation hardware history.

PS4 Sales exceed 30.2 million

Sony’s latest console, even managed to sell faster than the companies best-selling console, in terms of sales at the same point – the PlayStation 2. With the PS4, Sony has hit the 30 million mark, 2 months earlier than it did with the PS2.

Back in October, Sony announced that 29.3 PS4 console had been shipped. 4 million of those were shipped in the 2nd quarter of Sony's fiscal year of 2015. The term “shipped” refers to the units that have been delivered to retailers, while “sold” is used to indicate the number of units that retailers have sold to actual customers.

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida called the succes of the PS4 “ironic in a sense”.

“When the platform’s not doing so well, our games become more prominent, and we get larger market share within the same platform. Because we continue to support the PS3, in the launch year of the PS4 we had The Last of Us and Gran Turismo 6 and Beyond and so on, many games, we were still working hard. We’re just head-down, focused on delivering the games for the near future. We’re happy with how it’s going, and we’re excited about welcoming PlayStation VR. From a delivering games standpoint, we have work to do. People constantly ask us for the big exclusive triple-A games”, Yoshida said in an interview with Eurogamer.

With the Holiday season heating up, Sony will sure be selling a lot more consoles.