PS4 Gets a New DualShock Color and the Cute Mini Wired Gamepad for Younger Players


As we head into the holiday season, Sony has revealed two new enticing controller options for the PlayStation 4. First up, we have a bright new DualShock 4 controller, which Sony describes as “Sunset Orange,” but come on – it’s the Pumpkin Spice controller.

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The Sunset Orange controller will be available in Europe and Australia on November 14. No word yet on whether it will come to North America, but most DualShock color variations end up there eventually.

In more adorable news, Sony has also revealed the new Mini Wired Gamepad designed for younger players/adults who happen to like cute things.

Here’s what Sony had to say about the simplified new controller:

“Designed with younger gamers in mind, the Mini Wired Gamepad is 40% smaller than the DualShock 4 and has a simple form factor with a flat design that makes it easy to fit into smaller hands. Best of all, the controller has a low price of $29.99, making it a great purchase for companion play on games like Knack 2.

The Mini Wired Gamepad provides the essential functions to play most PS4 games while still providing a great gaming experience — that includes the right and left sticks, R1/L1/R2/L2 buttons, directional buttons, and action buttons. Certain touch pad inputs can be simulated via the left or right sticks. The wired controller includes a 10ft cable, making for an easy plug-and-play gaming experience.”

The Mini Wired Gamepad comes courtesy of third-party manufacturer Hori, but it’s licensed and endorsed by Sony. The Mini Wired Gamepad goes on sales in the US and Canada sometime this holiday season.

What do you think about the new controllers? The Mini Gamepad’s $30 price tag is very attractive – I doubt I’d use it as my main controller, but I’m seriously considering picking some up for multiplayer.