PS Store Finally Allows You To Create A Wishlist


Pretty much every digital store allows its users to create and maintain a wishlist of upcoming games/products, with the exception of Sony's PS Store, at least until today.

It appears that this feature has finally been implemented. You can find it here, and on that page you can also set up the privacy settings - your PS Store wish list can either be displayed to friends or to no one at all.

Here's how the wishlist looks like once we have added some items to it.

Assassin's Creed Syndicate isn't available yet, so the system lets us file a pre-order; NBA2K16 is already available, meaning that it's possible to add it immediately to the cart. Jurassic World, being a movie, follows slightly different rules: we can either rent it or buy it, and since there are different prices depending on the choice the PS Store lets us know the lowest one.

There are also multiple filters to choose from, such as games/video content, price, release date, date added and title. Moreover, a little number near the heart icon at the top right lets us remember how many items are in our wishlist.

Nothing too fancy, but it seems to work just fine. Hopefully Sony can build upon it and then add a recommendation system similar to the one used by Valve's Steam.