Project Neon Effects Start Getting Dramatic as More Apps Receive the New Visual Overhaul


Microsoft is consistently rolling out smaller updates to different corners of Windows 10 Redstone 3 - which is currently in development - and various apps to bring Project Neon on board. Along with the Neon animations and effects coming to the popular People app, the company has so far also released updates to the Windows Maps, Movies & TV and Groove Music, as previously reported.

More Project Neon design effects arrive on Microsoft apps

Microsoft's Project Neon hasn't yet been officially announced. While we may or may not hear something about this visual overhaul of Windows 10 user interface at the Build Conference next week or the May 23rd hardware event later in the month, the Redmond software maker has been adding translucency effects to its existing apps.

Microsoft Finally Unlocks Creativity With the New Fluent Design (aka Project Neon)

In one such wave of Project Neon updates, Microsoft has now updated its Microsoft Photos, My People and the Paint 3D app. The changes that the company is experimenting currently are small but certainly noticeable. In the Photos app on Windows 10, the company has released a blur effect on the header of the app (image below), which previously showed up on the Movies & TV app.

Microsoft Photos

In its new People app, the company has added transparency, letting the background desktop peek through. This is the same effect that was previously introduced to the Groove music app, however, the translucency level on the People app is through the roof and certainly catches the eye.

Project Neon update to Paint 3D app brought subtle transparency to the app, which is barely noticeable when compared to the People app effect. The effect can be seen in both the app header and the file menu, as shown in the images below. Microsoft has also updated the file menu in the Paint 3D app making it easier and faster to use.

Excited for the new Neon changes? Microsoft's People, Paint 3D and the Microsoft Photos apps with Project Neon effects are all now available on the Windows Store to Insiders on the Fast ring.

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