Project BBQ Is Now a Soulslike Dungeon Fighter Action RPG for Consoles


Project BBQ, announced several years ago by Nexon subsidiary Neople as a 3D Dungeon Fighter Online game powered by Unreal Engine 4, has been rebranded.

It will be henceforth known as Project AK, but that's far from the only change. Whereas Project BBQ was targeting PC, Project AK is now described as a Soulslike action RPG for consoles. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean it won't come out on PC, too.

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Project AK

Dungeon & Fighter IP, Unreal Engine-based console platform Soul-like Stylish action role-playing Project AK puts the fun of action as the top priority, and provides an impressive narrative and top-level We aim to complete the next-generation Dungeon & Fighter action.

Project AK might still be some time away from release, though. Neople is recruiting several developers in key positions such as game planning (game balancing, level design, content planning, game PM), programming (game client programming), game graphics (3D background modeling, 3D terrain design, 3D effect, technical artist, UI/UX, background, character), technical support (QA), and multimedia (sound, video).

The latest trailer from the project dates back to December 2020, when the game was still known as Project BBQ; it may not be representative of the new direction.

Dungeon Fighter fans do have something else to look forward to. The fighting game DNF Duel, in development at Arc System Works, is getting a second Open Beta test this Friday on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

The game is scheduled to launch on the aforementioned platforms plus PC on June 28th.

  • Meet Your Favorite Dungeon and Fighter Characters Up-Close and Personal – DNF DUEL flawlessly reinterprets the iconic classes from the classic Dungeon and Fighter RPG. Whether it’s the lightning-fast and flashy gunshots of the sly Ranger or the uninhibited raw power of the frenzied Berserker, each character’s iconic traits have been heightened and reworked.
  • A Breathtaking World Born from the Dungeon and Fighter Universe – 16 years of lore is integrated within the storytelling and character development of DNF DUEL, supported by the stunning graphic details that merge seamlessly with the stage designs of Arad.
  • Unique Combat Mechanisms for Strategic Fighting – DNF DUEL takes the fighting game genre to a whole new level with its unique combat system and tactics. Each iconic character has their signature moves and strengths, which are further accentuated by their Awakening effects. Don’t forget to keep track of your MP Gauge and White Damage Gauge, lest your opponent catches you by surprise!
  • Sit Back and Relax with Smooth Online Gameplay – Hop online with ease to duel against your friends or other challengers worldwide! Fully equipped with exclusive servers and PlayStation Network, matches in DNF DUEL are ensured to be a low-lag and seamless multiplayer experience.