Project Athia’s Luminous Engine Receives New Tech Video Showcasing Procedural Generation

Aernout van de Velde

Square Enix-owned developer behind the upcoming Project Athia, Luminous Productions, has released a new tech video for its Luminous Engine.

The new video showcases how the engine handles the procedural generation of an open world  in a natural, yet intentional, way. Luminous Productions showed off this video at the Computer Entertainment Developers Conference 2020 (CEDEC 2020) in Japan, which is taking place now.

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Session content
Placing a vast world map by hand has already reached its limit.
LUMINOUS ENGINE has developed a system that uses node-based tools to describe rules and automatically arrange plants, houses, rivers, gimmicks, etc. with meaning.
Tool design philosophy, optimization techniques for calculating vast areas in real time,
By what kind of calculation do you finally decide the location?
We will share the technology filled with the know-how of each artist and engineer.

As said, the impressive engine will power Square Enix’s upcoming Project Athia, which was officially announced during Sony’s PS5 showcase back in June of this year. As such, its likely that this new tech video includes assets that will be used by the upcoming title. Project Athia will also arrive on PC.

We’ve included the game’s announcement trailer down below:

We are so excited to be able to share a sneak peek at what we have been working on at Luminous Productions with you today. During the PlayStation 5 showcase, we showed a teaser trailer for the upcoming debut game from our studio, Project Athia (working title)

Project Athia is the culmination of our philosophy here at Luminous Productions to create completely new and fresh gaming experiences that fuse together the latest technologies with art. With PS5, our vision truly comes to life, and with Project Athia players can look forward to being transported to a vast and detailed world filled with beauty and dismay.

Project Athia will take you on a thrilling other-worldly adventure – it is going to be action-packed, and at times twisted, tempestuous, and forbidding. It is a journey that we want to feel as much yours as it is our protagonists.

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