Press Renders Of The Moto X+1 Leak! – Take A Detailed Look At The Device Here

This just in. As we all know, Evan Blass, better known by his twitter title @evleaks announced his retirement a while back. It was sad news, since it meant that we would no longer be getting accurate and reliable device leaks. Well, it looks like you can't keep a good leaker down, since @evleaks has decided to give us all a retirement gift. Or should we say 'gifts'. As a final goodbye, the notorious tipster has shared with us press renders allegedly belonging to the Moto X+1.

@evleaks Posts Moto X+1 Renders - Several Adjustments Including Re-adjusted Power Buttons Present.

The renders posted by @evleaks allow us to take a first full time look at the Moto X+1. Looks like Motorola's upcoming flagship device will be coming with the same wood back option the Moto X came with. Earlier rumors also suggest that the Moto X+1 will be launched through MotoMaker, so customizations options can be be expected as well.

It also looks like we'll be getting front facing stereo speakers on the Moto X+1. The smartphone also features speaker grilles on both the top and the bottom of it's front side, as opposed to the Moto X which only had a thin speaker grille at the top. Notification lights seem to be in the same place but is that a flash next to the front camera?

Speaking about camera flashes, a significant change on the Moto X+1 is the flash for the rear camera. As opposed to the Moto X, it looks like the Moto X+1 will have two small flashes on both sides of the camera lens. The power buttons also see a position change and seem to be on the side of the Moto X+1 in order to facilitate large screen use.

Lastly the most avid of our readers would have spotted a Verizon messages app logo on the display as well. If this is accurate then it means Verizon Messages will come with the Moto X+1 now. However, phonearena claims that this will come pre-installed on the Verizon Moto X+1 but can be removed.



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