[Update] How to Get SwiftKey-Like Predictive Keyboard for iOS Devices

[Update]: At the time of writing, SwiftKey Note iOS 7 app was not launched. Read about the official iOS SwiftKey Note app.

SwiftKey Android keyboard is very much popular among Android fans and awed upon by the iOS users too. While, it may take Apple a decade or more to offer us something like that, here is a workaround to get SwiftKey iOS 7 keyboard on your iDevice!

SwiftKey-like iOS 7 keyboard:

If you have your iOS 7 device jailbroken, the possibilities of customizing your iOS experience go almost infinite. One such workaround is for getting SwiftKey iOS 7 keyboard. While this tweak doesn't completely revamps, it does what is required the most.swiftkey ios 7 predictivekeyboard

PredictiveKeyboard iOS 7 jailbreak tweak helps you ease off your typing experience by offering you the old school, and yet very helpful, text prediction. PredictiveKeyboard will attach a fifth row to your standard iOS 7 keyboard. However, instead for adding extra digits or alphabets, this additional row will show you predictive words. As you type, you will see the button changing offering varied predictive words based on what you are trying to type.

So it is simple: type the letter (s), the PredictiveKeyboard iOS 7 jailbreak tweak will show you predictive words, tap on the word you intended to type and ta da!


PredictiveKeyboard iOS 7 jailbreak tweak is available on Cydia from BigBoss repor for $2.39. However, you can also go for a free three-day trial. Give the demo a try and if you like it, put the two bucks in. What more can you ask for!swiftkey ios 7

There have been some concerns about the tweak remembering your passwords or other sensitive information. However, the tweak simply tries to follow your typing pattern and not memorize words. So don't worry and enjoy more easier typing now!

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