PowerToys v0.56 Drops with FancyZones Updates, Upgrade to .NET 6 and Several Other Improvements


Microsoft's dev team has just released a new update to PowerToys. The PowerToys 0.56 release cycle focuses "heavily" on stability and improvements, the company says. Some of its highlights include:

  • Upgrade notes! A big feedback item for new versions was upgrade notes.
  • FancyZones zone limit has been increased to 128 zones. Before the limit was 40.
  • Timezone conversion plugin for PowerToys Run!
  • Child and Popup window support for FancyZones.
  • Find my mouse will now activate via shaking the mouse with a settings change! powertoys v0.56.1

Release notes for PowerToys 0.56.1

Always on Top

  • Fixed excess GPU / CPU usage when enabled
  • If border has focus, not closable via F4
  • Changing border sizes should resize correctly for existing windows
  • Border goes away with Outlook modal windows


  • No longer crashes during theme change


  • Increased zone limit from 40 to 128.
  • Child and Popup window support for FancyZones. To enable, go to Settings→FancyZones→Windows. These were bugs we fixed that without realizing it was a useful feature to most.

File explorer

  • Fixes for Dev file preview:
    • Fix fix for object reference not set.
    • Fix for encoding UTF-8.
    • Fix for file is in use.
    • Fix for saying the file is too big.

Image Resizer

  • Fix for invalid operation error. @CleanCodeDeveloper!

Mouse utility

  • Find my mouse will now activate via shaking the mouse with a settings change!
  • Find my mouse now can excludes apps.
  • Fix for crosshair thickness looking odd due to anti-aliasing
  • Fix for a hard crash on crosshair (This was a hotfix for 0.55)


  • Will not spells check file names anymore.
  • Autocomplete result box to not obscure apply button.
  • Regex fix

PowerToys Run

  • Timezone conversion plugin for PowerToys Run!
  • Hexadecimal and binary numbers now are supported in the calculator plugin.
  • Terminal plugin performance boost.
  • Terminal will now be found via the Program plugin again.
  • Shutdown command is now using hybrid fast argument for shutting down
  • Support for VSCodium with VS Code workplace plugin.

Video conference mute

  • nVidia Broadcast software won't crash anymore


  • Upgrade notes in OOBE
  • Fix for settings being lost (This was a hotfix for 0.55)
  • UX improvements.


  • Believe we have a fix for the long hated "app.dark.png is missing" error.
  • Installer will launch PowerToys under appropriate elevation versus Admin only due to UAC prompt for installation (This was a hotfix for 0.55)
  • PowerToys will now start if installed under different user


  • ARM64 - We removed the last .NET Framework dependency.
  • .NET 6 upgrade, now on the newest and hottest .NET runtime
  • Code analyzers have been upgraded!
  • Symbols are back!
  • Code refactoring.
  • We are now on VS 2022 with the .NET 6 upgrade.

For more details and downloads, head over to GitHub.

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