Take A Look At Some Great Android Lollipop Raw DNG Camera Shots Here


Google's latest Android release, Android Lollipop, comes with several new features on board. Apart from subtle changes such as those in widgets, icons and interface, the OS also comes with several hard-to-notice features that end up adding more to it.

In Android 5.0, Google has opened up the camera feed and camera control to a much greater extent, which allows you to use your device in a much more versatile manner. Through Camera v2 APIs, developers can develop apps which can allow you to take higher-quality photographs with overall reduced image noise.

With Android Lollipop, you can now take lossless image files and manipulate them in any manner you see fit to get the most out of your snapshots and images. Through giving the user greater control by accounting for things such as shutter speed, Google now allows you to take photographs in DNG format.

DNG files are essentially uncompressed files, which give you greater control over your image as mentioned above. However, that is not the only modification Android Lollipop now offers in the photography department. You can now make modifications to the color correction matrix in your images, as well as control the burst rates in your device's camera.

Thanks to Phonearena, however, we can now take a better look at how these camera APIS will end up changing the way you take and process images on Android devices. The images below have been taken in the lossless DNG format and have been tweaked slightly to allow changes. They have then been compared to JPEG images of the same camera shot to get a better look at how different images under the DNG format really are. So take a look at the images below and let us know what you think in the comments section.