Power A Provides PS3 Gamers New Comfortable Controllers.

Hassan Mujtaba

Power A has released a new controller for the PlayStation 3 Gaming Console. The new Pro Elite Wireless and Pro EX Controllers are really comfortable controller's which offer soft-touch coating and textured grips, repositioned analog sticks, and glowing action buttons, All of this will surely making the gaming experience on the console much better.

Both the controllers feature SIXAXIS functionality, custom designed L2 and R2 buttons, dual rumble motors and LED player channel indicator lights around the “Home” button. The only difference between the Pro Elite Wireless and Pro EX controller is that the Pro EX comes without the SIXAXIS functionality. The price of the Pro EX is 19.99$ while the Elite variant will cost you 49.99 US$.

"The Pro Elite Wireless and Pro EX controllers will give PS3 players the edge they’ve been looking for,” said Eric Bensussen, president of POWER A and BDA. "Once players experience the difference, they won’t want to use anything else but the POWER A Pro Series controllers to play all of the great games coming out this fall and holiday.”

You can check out some pictures below to check out the controllers, I personally liked the Glowing button feature on them.


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