Post-Apocalyptic MMORPG The Skies – Early Access Giveaway

Alessio Palumbo

Two weeks ago we posted a story about The Skies, a post-apocalyptic MMORPG by indie team EFORB. Its release on Steam Early Access is due on April 16, but we've managed to arrange a giveaway in partnership with EFORB so that you can try the game right now!

We have 1K Early Access keys for you. Just remember that there will be a wipe upon the public launch on April 16, so don't be surprised if your characters get reset; in the meantime you can try the game, though.

As usual, all you need to do to get your code is follow our Twitter account below if you haven’t already, and then enter your email address. Then redeem it on Steam, just like you would with any game.

The Skies Early Access Giveaway

If you want to learn more about the game, here's the official features list and roadmap:

Game Features

  • Huge open game world – 12km2  packed with interesting places to explore. Immerse yourself in an atmospheric post-apocalyptic world carefully crafted by our artist. Regular updates will add new locations and increase the map size up to 200km2.
  • Unique and innovative character progressions system – We will give you the freedom to develop your character according to your playstyle. Different dialogue options will be available based on your decisions. Become a bandit, clan leader or trader and see how your reputation will influence the world around you.
  • Player driven economy – Our innovative take on in-game economy will let you decide what you want to do. Will you work  in a factory, become a trader or manage your own business and start hiring people and handing out wages?
  • Impactful decision making - See the world changing alongside your story, become more than a survivor, thrive with a group and dominate the wasteland.
  • Thrilling PVP action – Hunt down other players as a lone wolf or join a clan and capture and govern entire wasteland cities.
  • Deep crafting system – Develop your character to withstand the harsh world by crafting advanced equipment, trade, build and prosper.

Roadmap of Improvements

  • Vehicles will be added within the upcoming months
  • Base building will be added as a clan option
  • Female character selection
  • Tools that will help community create user-generated content and contribute to the game
  • Additional weapons and armor
  • Additional mobs, bots, etc.
  • Additional decorations

Let us know what you think of The Skies in the comments after you've played a bit.

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