Post Kirin 950 Announcement Benchmarks Thrash The Living Daylight Out Of Exynos 7420

Omar Sohail

Only yesterday, we detailed out the latest specifications of Huawei’s flagship chipset, Kirin 950, and in taking the fight to SoCs like Exynos 7420 and Snapdragon, the performance of the chipset is unmatched. Let us take a look at the performance of the chipset and see how far Kirin 950 has come.

AnTuTu Benchmarking Leaks Of Kirin 950 Shows That Exynos 7420 And Snapdragon 810 Are Outclassed Completely

According to a source, after Kirin 950 was officially announced, the leaked AnTuTu benchmarking scores of the chipset were leaked and although the image is a little blurred, we were still able to make out the score obtained by the SoC. Given below are the results and in order to compare the performance level of Kirin 950, we have also detailed the highest possible scores of Exynos 7420 and Snapdragon 810.

AnTuTu Benchmarks

  • Kirin 950: 82945
  • Exynos 7420: 69700
  • Snapdragon 810: 61499

If that is not impressive then we are not sure what is. This is much higher than the scores obtained by MediaTek’s Helio X20, which is the world’s first 10-core chipset featuring a combination of both Cortex-A72 and Cortex-A53 cores. One of the reasons why Kirin 950 is able to surpass both chipsets is because it features the following configuration in ARM’s big.LITTLE architecture.

  • 4 x Cortex-A72 cores running at a speed of 2.53GHz
  • 4 x Cortex-A53 cores running at a speed of 1.80GHz

Previously, we were under the impression that the clock speeds of Cortex-A72 were lower, but thankfully, users will be able to get more performance out of them thanks to the higher clock speed. Additionally, the chipset also features the following.

  • ARM Mali-T880MP4 GPU (features four GPU cores)
  • 6 LTE modem, with 300Mbps as its maximum download speed and 50Mbps being its maximum uploading speed
  • i5 co-processor

Furthermore, there will be dedicated DSP audio co-processor called a Tensilica Hi-Fi 4 DSP, which will deliver high quality audio. Kirin 950 will also be providing support for dual-channel LPDDR4 RAM, UFS 2.0, and eMMC 5.1 storage, and just so you know, these happen to be the latest version amongst their respective categories. Before we forget, smartphone camera aficionados are going to have the time of their lives with future Huawei handsets because Kirin 950 will also support up to a 42 MP camera sensors. However, from what we know, the upcoming Huawei Mate 8 is going to be sport a 16MP rear shooter, so it will definitely be a while before we can see camera sensors of this magnitude present in mobile devices.

After looking at the leaked benchmarking results, are you impressed with what Kirin 950 brings to the table? Let us know your thoughts.


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