Portal With RTX Early Comparison Video Highlights Massive Visual Improvements

Portal with RTX

Portal with RTX looks to be a massive improvement over the original in every possible way, judging from a new comparison video that has been shared online.

The new comparison, which has been put together by ElAnalistaDeBits, puts the announcement trailer and footage from the original release side by side, highlighting how much of a difference new textures, models, and ray tracing make.

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Portal RTX has been revealed during yesterday's GTC 2022 NVIDIA keynote, where the company also unveiled the RTX 4090 and 4080 GPUs. The remaster, which will be available for free for all owners of the original, is being built with NVIDIA RTX Remix, a newly announced modding platform that can be used to add ray tracing to games easily.

This RTX upgrade builds-upon our work on Quake II and Minecraft, but is extra special, as the tool used to make Portal with RTX will be released for free, allowing you to give the RTX treatment to other classic games. Called NVIDIA RTX Remix, this ingenious modding platform can add ray tracing with just a few clicks, and gives modders the tools to make ambitious remasters, even for games that were previously unmoddable. Simply press a hotkey to import a game, use AI to enhance materials, build custom assets using Omniverse, and export an RTX Mod complete with ray tracing, NVIDIA DLSS 3, and NVIDIA Reflex. RTX Remix elevates modding to a whole new level.

Portal with RTX will launch on Steam in November 2022.

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