First Portal 2 TV ad goes live, hilarity ensues

who doesn't love the two robots you will get to play as in Portal 2? these robots have done just about everything ranging from Robot hugs and accidentally destroying each other but this video shows the fun they have when they first receive the Portal gun.

Despite Valve being SO hesitant on releasing Half-Life 2: Episode 3 (Or even a Half-Life 3) this game has made me look past those games and hopefully will keep me distracted long enough to even forget I wanted episode 3 in the first place.

There is a rather curious Easter Egg in Portal 2 btw, there is an achievement for finding the lost science ship the Borealis hinted HERE could this be Valve's way of rewarding us for waiting ever so patiently for the game we would least expect? or is this another easter egg which was put there for show? Only time will tell.

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