You Can Now Run Popcorn Time Right From Your Browser!

Popcorn Time, the popular movie app for iOS, Android, and just about any other platform you could name, has just been launched in browser form. The new site lets you pick from the vast selection of movies available through the traditional Popcorn Time apps, although it's probable that the site won't last too long before it fades into the abyss.

The so-called "Netflix for torrents," Popcorn Time seems to be moving along nicely despite a to-be-expected wave of flak and threat of legal issues. Only recently, a UK judge ordered a number a of British ISPs to block access to websites hosting the popular software, suggesting that unlike traditional torrenting, it had no legal benefit and existed purely to flout the copyrights of the studios.

But as we have seen continuously through the rise of peer-to-peer file sharing over the past couple of decades, copyright infringement is rife indeed, and while it's simple enough for movie-traders to get the latest films without paying already, Popcorn Time makes it just that bit easier.

The comparisons it has drawn with Netflix are for good reason, and go beyond the core fact that it can stream movies. Popcorn Time is a professional-looking app with a clean, user-friendly interface, and the polished experience makes it feel almost legitimate. The fact that it is also completely free of charge and, quite often, has movies before Netflix is able to put them out, makes it a very big threat, and Netflix has expressed its concerns about Popcorn Time on more than one occasion in the past.

The recent launch of Popcorn Time for the browser, which can be seen at, is described as a mash-up of YTS (the group behind the recent Popcorn Time fork), and Coinado, described as "cloud torrenting for command line fans." By combining the two, you have a Web-based edition of Popcorn Time that requires no installation of any third-party software, and getting started could not be any simpler.

A few films are listed when you first open up the site's page, but you can easily search for the specific title you're looking for, and after a bit of loading and buffering, you're good to go. The video player can be expanded to go full screen, and that's really all there is to know of the very basic, but effective UI.

The site will likely be taken down in the very near future, and we'd expect that complaints have already been made given the manner in which entities like the Motion Picture Association of America tend to operate. Still, since it's indexing and streaming torrents rather than hosting them, it'd be very difficult for Popcorn Time to be taken out completely, and even if popcorninyourbrowser is a short-lived venture, it will almost certainly be replaced many times over.

And so it continues..

(Source: via Gizmodo)

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