Pokémon Masters Coming to Android This Summer

Anil Ganti

Last month, we reported that Pokémon Masters would be coming to Android and iOS early next years. The developers, DeNA, seem to have pushed the release date by a little and said in a press release earlier today that the title would be making its way to Android devices this summer. It is a 3v3 real-time strategy battle game

The primary difference between an average Pokémon game and Pokémon Masters is that the latter makes players collect different trainers instead of Pokémon. The trainers will be matched with certain Pokémon types, so if your trainer comes from a grass region then they should be paired with a grass type Pokémon. The game will have you move around this island collecting trainers to form 3-person teams that will battle other teams of trainers in waves.

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Players will be in command of three Pokémon and three Trainers at the same time during a battle. Once a player has made friends with other sync pairs, they can recruit those friends to their team and battle to become champion of the prestigious Pokémon Masters League tournament. In addition, each sync pair has a different role, such as strike or support, so it’s important for players to not only evaluate the opponent but also form a team of sync pairs that complement one another. Players can team up with duos such as Korrina & Lucario, Brendan & Treecko, Clair & Kingdra, and many more. The gathering of such a diverse group of Trainers will lead to unexpected encounters and the unfolding of a new story.


The game will feature most, if not all, popular trainers from the series. The game bears all the markings of a garden variety free-to-play mobile game, so microtransactions are most certainly not out of the question. We don't know an exact release date just yet, but it shouldn't be too far off, considering that summer 2019 is here already.

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