Pokemon GO Fails to Work on the Galaxy S20 Series, Players Waiting for a Fix

Pokemon GO

There is no denying the popularity of Pokemon GO; launched back in 2016, the game has garnered massive popularity and it does not seem to stop. However, if you are a Galaxy S20 user and you are trying to play the game, you might be running into some issues. As per the reports from the users, the Pokemon GO version 0.170.0 and above is anything but working on the latest Samsung flagship.

It does not matter if you are downloading the game from the Google Play Store or the Galaxy Store, the game refuses to work. The issue, however, is not at Samsung's end, but rather at the developer Niantic's end.

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Players Around the World Fail to Play Pokemon GO on Galaxy S20 Smartphones

The important thing that you should know here is that the versions older than the 0.170.0 are working perfectly fine on the Galaxy S20 series of devices. However, this problem has been going gone for a couple of weeks, and at the time of writing, Niantic has not done anything to resolve the issues that people are facing.

You should also be aware of the fact that at the time of writing, the same version, as well as the newer version of the Pokemon GO work perfectly fine on the Galaxy Note 10 series as well as older devices. Which goes to show that the issue currently only resides on the Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20 Plus, or Galaxy S20 Ultra.

A user also shared a video, which goes to show just what happens when you launch the game.

As seen in the video above, the game does launch but after a moment, it ends up freezing and that's the end of it.

Currently, we have no word from Niantic as tow whether the issue is being addressed but given the popularity of the game, we are sure that the developers are working on releasing a fix pretty soon.

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