PlayStation VR 2 Would Be a Switch-Like Device in My Dream World, Says Developer

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Tomorrow Sony is set to reveal a great deal about the PlayStation 5, but we don't know if there will be a PlayStation VR 2 unveiling alongside that. It seems unlikely for the time being, though there have been a few rumors.

Game developers are looking forward to a PlayStation VR 2, though. In a recent interview with Wccftech, Jesse Schell (owner and CEO of Schell Games) revealed that he'd love if the new headset was a hybrid device akin to the Nintendo Switch, just for VR.

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I think it would be great. I think everyone's staring at the Oculus Quest right now and trying to figure out what to do. 'Wait a minute, do we need to do that? Do we need a wireless system? Do we need a standalone system?' In my dream world, I'll tell you what Sony would do. In my dream world, Sony would come out with a headset that's kind of like the Nintendo Switch but for VR. You can imagine a headset that is standalone like the Quest, but if you plug it into your PlayStation 5, you get more powerful games. So sort of like people using the Oculus Quest. Now, you can run games independently, or you can use Quest Link and run PC quality games through the headset. And you can have the choice of doing either one. I think Sony would be well positioned to do something like that if they care to. But I guess it remains to be seen how they'll feel about that.

Schell is also eager to get his hands on the PlayStation 5 in order to be able to produce VR games that are just as good as those on PC.

To be able to have something that is more powerful would be wonderful because right now, there's a significant gap between what you can do on the PC and what you can do on the PlayStation 4. And this will help close that gap a little bit and make it easier to develop better games for PlayStation VR.

Check back later this week for our full interview with Jesse Schell, focused on all sorts of VR and AR-related topics.

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